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And now a word from Francine

EW has an interview with Francine Pascal up and it's actually pretty interesting.

But I'll be damned if this isn't the most telling quote of all: I never really had the respect for Sweet Valley that I had for my other YA books. I felt it was a kind of soap opera, and that was kind of a lesser thing.

As someone who was victimized by SVC, let me just speak for everyone when I say, honey, it showed. She does then go on to say that she realizes now that she was wrong but we're never told when this stunning realization came to be. Because I'm never going to be convinced it was before SVC came out. Not with the way she wrote it.

However, there's a fabulous pair of pictures at the source and you should go look if only for them. Seriously though, the interview is pretty interesting. Perhaps you know all the things mentioned (I'm not sure I can envision a Fearless musical myself) but hey.

FP and I both agree on one thing whole-heartedly though: Pascal, who does not have script approval but is consulting on the film, is still hopeful a movie can happen — but the years of delay have taken a slight toll on her enthusiasm. “I hope I live long enough for this [to happen],” she says frankly.
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